Alaska, does not seem like a U.S. state but it is from the third day of January, nineteen hundred fifty-nine. It is surrounded by the Arctic and Pacific oceans, shares a border with Canada, and is separated from Russia by the Bering Strait. Alaska means "great land" or more literally "the object against which the action of the sea is directed.( Tomàs)

                                                                                                                               ( Tomàs)

Important citiesEditar

The capital of Alaska is Juneau. There are 30.987 inhabitants in that city, but the city where live more people is Anchorage.Javier HW 18:20 16 dic 2010 (UTC)

Alaska's senators are Mark Begich and Lisa Murkowski, the governator in Alaska is Sean Parnell. Javier HW 14:31 19 dic 2010 (UTC)


The language is English.Javier HW 14:40 19 dic 2010 (UTC)


The highest mountain in Alaska is Mount McKinley. It is 6.194m high and it is located in the Denali National Park. The second highest mountain is Mount Logan which is 6.050m high.

The longest river is Yukon river. It is 3.184km long,Javier HW 15:51 17 dic 2010 (UTC)

Alaska is one of the only two states, along with Hawaii, which are United States that borders another state. It also has more coastline than all the U.S.A together and is the largest one with a total area of 1,717,854 km ².Javier HW 14:34 19 dic 2010 (UTC)

Traditional food.Editar

The traditional food of Alaska is based on seafood and fish in particular. Fish and shellfish are typical of Alaska: king crab, salmon, trout and herring. ( Tomas )

Other interesting informationEditar

The Eskimos are typical of Alaska. It is a population of only 22,000 to 29,000 Inuit in the territory of Alaska. (Tomas )