Egypt is in Africa. This is a country that belongs to the African continent.

In Egypt there are several animals such as dogs, cats and camels. There are a huge variety of camels such as the camel (dromedario) and the Bactrian camel.

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Important citiesEditar

The most important cities in Egypt are: Cairo, Aswan, Luxor ,Alexandria, Sharm el-Sheikh...

  • Cairo is Egypt´s capital and it is also the most populated city in Egypt.
  • Aswan is the first cataract of River Nile. River Nile is the largest river in Africa.
  • Luxor is located in the south of Cairo.
  • Alexandria is located in the north of the country.
  • Sharm el-Sheikh is situated in the Sinai Peninsula.

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Important people from this countryEditar

More than 80 million people live in Egypt.

The most important people of ancient Egypt were:

Ahhotep, Taa Seqenenre, who was the Pharaoh's wife. Ahmes Nefertari, Seqenenre was the Ahhotep's daughter.

Tutankhamun was also a great well-know in Egypt.

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In the past, some years ago, there were some Egyptian languages, such as classical Egypt, the demotic and Coptic Egypt.

The only one that is still used is the Coptic. The current Egyptian language does not belong to the Egyptian language but it is a variant of the Arabic language.

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The Mount Sinai ago and is located 2.285 meters , northeast of Egypt.

The river Nile is the longest river in the world.

The Sahara desert living in Egypt.

The Sahara desert is the biggest desert in the world , and this is also very dry desert, but not the world´s driest.


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Traditional foodEditar

Some of the traditional Egyptian food is :

  • Tabbouleh: Parsley salad
  • Bobeiba: Meat, fish and nuts
  • Baba Ghannoush: aubergine mashed with garlic

There are also more dishes and desserts such as :

  • Om Ali: pasta with milk
  • Kumafa : noodles baked with sugar and honey.

There are also various drinks , such as:

  • Stella: it's a kind of beer
  • Karkade: it comes from a flower and you can drink it hot or cold.
  • Shai: it's black tea.

As you can see, different meals , desserts, main dishes, drinks, and much more food can be found in this country.

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