The capital city this France is Paris.Esterita

The important cities of france are : cannes, chamonix, chartres , clermont-ferrand, limoges etcEsterita 08:51 14 ene 2011 (UTC)

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The important city is parisEsterita josep i gerard

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In France the Basque Catalan and the Frenchman speaks himself

The frenchaman speaks himself in francia, Andorra, Belgica, Benin, Burkia, Faso Burundi, Camerun, Canada,ongo, Coast of ivory ,Chad .etc Esterita


The longest rivers in France are : Garona, Loira, Sena and Rin. GERARD I JOSEP

The highest mountain in the France is Mont Blanc : 4.810 meters.Esterita i Gerard

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Trifle soft the chocolate

For 4 persons

70 g the sugar

1 eggs

3 yolks the eggs

170 g of balck chocolate ( 55 % of cocoa min.)

250 g of cream

For the meringue of xocolate :

2 whites of eggs

125 g of sugar

20 g cocoa in powder

For de sauce of chocolate spiced

12 cl of milk

6 cl of fersh cream

15 g of butter

30 g of suga

5 g of spices (anise, cinnamon, nails, ginger, moscada,etc)

150 g of black bad chocolate Esterita I CATALINA

The tradicional food this crepes Esterita 17:02 13 ene 2011 (UTC)

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