Important cities:Editar

The most important cities in Mexico are:Guadalajara,Ciudad Juarez,Netzaualcoyotl,Monterreny,Puebla and Tijuana.(Maria Moll).

Monterrey is located (Benja)

Important people from this country:Editar

The fife last presidents of united states of Mexico:

Miguel de la Madrid

Carlos Salinas


Vicente fox

Felipe Calderón.(Maria Moll)


In Mexico, people speak Spanish and they sometimes speak other languages like English.

They also speak Nahuatl, Maya and indigenous languages.


The Mexicans are in the center of America.(Maria Moll).


South:Belice and Guatemala

East:Gulf of Mexico and match Caribe

West:Ocean Pacific.(Maria Moll)

Traditional food:Editar

Mexico's cuisine is its variety of dishes, recipes, and the complexity of its elaboracion is recognized by their distict flavors and sophisticated.Typical plates of mexico:Tamales,carnitas,cake azteca,cake of elote and rajas,frijoles and birria.Editar

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Other interesting information:Editar

The currency used is "Nuevo Peso".

The capital of Mexico is Mexico D.F.

In Mexico live 103263388 residents.

The teach is fundamentally charge and compulsory to 15 years old.

Religion: Roman catholic %89 protestant%6 other %5 normal