The capital of Russia is Moscow. Russia has 142.000.000 million people living there.

The Russian doll is very tradicional in Russia. It was created in 1890.


Important citiesEditar

Russia has more than 6 cities with 1.000.000 inhabitants.

These cities are:

Moscow: it is the capital of Russia with 15.000.000 unhabitants.

San Petersburgo: It was the last capital of Russia with 10.000.000 inhabitants

Nizhnty Novgord , with 1.376.000 inhabitants

Ekaterinburgo, with 1.368.000 inhabitants

Samara, with 1.175.000 inhabitants

Omsk , with 1.160.000 habitants


Important people from this countryEditar

Mathias Rust: He was a pilot who flew from Noway and Finland to Moscow's Red Square in 1987.

Maria Sharapova is a famous tennis player in the world.

Marc Chagall is a very famous painter from Russia.

Dimitry Tursonov is also a tennis player.

Sofia Muratova is am olympic gymnast

Natalia Vodianova is a very famous model

Irina Kulikova is a beautiful model

Lila Kedrova is a famous actress


[people from Russia]


In Russia, the official language is Russian, but there are other languages : Ainu,Enets,Tófalo,Mednyy,Orok, Sami(was extinguished in 2003)Udege,Vod... These were not official languages in Russia. (JUDIT)


Rivers :

The longest rivers in Russia are :

Lena: It is about 4320 kilometres long. It is the longest river in Russia.

Irtish: it is about 4248 kilometres long

Erniseo: it is about 4130 kilometres long

Ob: it is about 3650 kilometres long

Volga: it is about 3690 kilometres long

Ussuri: it is about 897 kilometres long


Between the Pacific Ocean and the Okhotsk Sea there is a land of volcanoes. Kamchatka is a land of volcanoes.

Klyuchevskaya is the highest volcano on earth Kamachatka in Russia.

Shiveluch with 3.283 meters is one of the most active volcanoes.

Mountains :

Monte Elbrus is about 5.642 meters high. Is the highest mountain of Europe.

Narodnaya is about 1.895 meters high. It is the highest mountain of Montes Urales


Traditional foodEditar

In Russia the Esborach is the most famous soup.

The Borach is also a very famous dish. It is a tradicional soup too.It's made with vegetables,meat,potato and cabbage.

The Pirozhki is another tradicional dish in Russia. It's made with potatoes,cabbage, meat and cheese.

People usually eat: Soups,salads,pies and blini (pancakes). In Russia, they usually use a lot of vegetables and potatoes to make their dishes.


Important Constructions in this countryEditar

Moscow's Red square: Red Square is the most famous in Moscow.It is about 330 meters long and 70 meters wide.On may 28,Mathias Rust landed his Cessna in the middle square.

St.Basil's Catedral is an orthodox temple localed in the Red Square in Moscow. It is well known for it's bulbous domes.

Mousoleo the Lenin: Museum in the Red Square and is popular.