Sweden is a country in northern Europe as part of the European Union. Sweden is the fifth largest country in Europe.

There live one million people and it is a green country , with forests , vegetation...

Important citiesEditar

The capital of Sweden is Stockolm, but there are other interesting cities like:Editar

  1. 'Gothenburg' is considered the second largest city in this country.
  2. Malmo is considered the third largest city in this country.There are 300.000 people.
  3. 'Kiruna is a 'city that is in the north of Sweden.There are 20.000 people.
  4. Visby is a Swedish city that is in the island of Gottaland..It has more than 20.000 people.


Darna is a destination very popular in summer. Andrea Agustí

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People in Sweden speak Swedish, but it is not the official language. People speak English too.


In the north Sweden there are more mountains than in the South.


Kebnekaire is the tallest mountain in the Sweden.


In the north of the capital there is National Park of the mountains.

Traditional foodEditar

One of the traditional desserts in Sweden is the cranberry soup. They also make delicious cookies.

Swueden traditional food are mead balls, also a soup of beans. Swueden traditional desserts are blueberry soup too cold chocolate balls with shredded.


Other interesting informationEditar


In Gotemburgo there are bridges ,hills.......Editar

The climate is with cold winter and warm summers.The changes of station are obvious.Sweden was rural,but of year in year it extracted his wealths.Editar


sweden´s climate is cold in the north and the winter summers hot (kati)Editar